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Celestial Mission in the News

This month we honor Dustin Stough & Brittney Whiteside of Gahanna

It gives me great pleasure to announce that when Dustin & Brittney joined
our community they officially became our youngest members! It isn't very
often that younger members of our society have the maturity, wisdom or
insight to understand that they can help make our world a better place for
those in need.

Dustin works at Stat Communications as a fiber optic technician. His
hobbies are playing softball, making & writing music and playing video
games.  Brittany works at Riverside Methodist Hospital as a patient
support assistant and unit clerk. She assists patients with activities of
daily living, responsible for obtaining vital signs, bathing and changing
patients and putting doctor orders in the computer. Currently she is in
Nursing school and will graduate in about 8 months. She hopes to work in
labor and delivery when she is finished. Her hobbies include snowboarding,
shopping and arts & crafts.

Brittney says of the mission, "The mission works great for us because we
always have so much left over food that we rather donate then let it go to
waste. We were really happy when we found out about this mission."

Words of Wisdom

And the wonder of it all is that, as you give, so do you receive. The
reason for this is clear. It has nothing to do with the fact that what you
have done is "morally right" or "spiritually enlightened" or the "Will of

It has to do with a simple truth:

There is no one else in the room. There is only one of us.

Faith Mission

Warner & Harper




Celestial Mission.Org was created to help facilitate bringing together people in need and those fortunate enough to help. It is a spiritual community with no affiliation to any one religion, but an affiliation to all religions. We believe there are many people that wish to help but don't know exactly what to do, that are overwhelmed by the enormity of the problems or don't have the financial resources.

Our mission is a simple one:
To help facilitate bringing everyday leftovers from your house directly to the organizations
that feed the homeless and hungry.

The Celestial Mission      
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